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Site launch: Cullen Jones

Cullen Jones is a twice Olympic Gold Medalist in 50m freestyle and holds the world record with his teammates for the 4 x100m freestyle relay.


Lightmaker worked with Cullen Jones to create a new digital destination that represented Cullen’s life and career for his fans, supporters and sponsors. The site needed to be able to engage his fan base with bold images and informative content, and link to social media and his sponsors’ sites.


Cullen’s new website is powered by the WordPress CMS so Cullen can keep his fans up to date with news posts, images and press releases.


The site showcases his activity on social media via the Twitter and Instagram feeds and link to Facebook. There is an interactive gallery that houses photos and videos from Cullen’s YouTube channel and the press section of the website.


Fans can also follow Cullen’s competition schedule and learn more about his charity initiatives outside the swimming pool. Visit the new site here